Epithalon Peptide

What are peptides?

Peptides are short-chain amino acids that are found naturally in the human body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and these amino acids are specifically designed to regulate certain functions within the human body.

Peptides are used as a mode of therapy that are used to take existing sequences and rewrite to potentially regulate and rejuvenate functions. In simpler terms, they bind to and tell other cells what to do, mimicking or replacing the functions of the naturally occurring peptide. Peptides may have the ability to rewrite body chemistry to promote homeostasis, restoration and anabolism.


Epithalon is the synthetic version of the polypeptide Epithalamin, which is naturally produced in the pineal gland.

How does Epithalon work?

Epitalon’s primary role is to increase the natural production of telomerase, a natural enzyme that helps cells reproduce telomeres, which are the protective parts of DNA. This allows the replication of DNA so the body can grow new cells and rejuvenate old ones.

Younger people produce a relatively large amount of telomerase and longer telomeres. The longer the telomere strands are, the better cell health and replication they provide. However, as people age, the production of telomerase falls and consequently cell replication and health decline. This eludes to the main reason people age.

Epitalon additionally might play an role in regulating metabolism, increasing the sensitivity of hypothalamus to natural hormonal influences, normalizing the function of the anterior pituitary and regulating the levels of gonadotropins and melatonin in the body. [R]

Epithalon and anti aging?

Preliminary studies using insects and rodents revealed that Epithalon may prolong life substantially. Interestingly in normal, healthy fruit flies and rats, epithalon decreases mortality by 52%. In mice prone to cancer and heart disease, epithalon prolonges by as much as 27% compared to controls. [R] Anti-oxidant activity is not the only explanations for the possible benefits associated with Epithalon. Promising evidence from in vitro experiments on human somatic cells show that Epithalon activates an enzyme called telomerase. [R] Telomerase protects telomeres, the end of chromosomes that are a critical part of ensuring the health of DNA. Epithalon’s activation of telomerase may lead directly to a decrease in how many errors a strand of DNA contains, supporting the potential notion that Epithalon protects DNA. [R]

Epithalon and potentially boosting the immune system 

Research studies on rats indicated that Epithalon may boost the expression of interferon gamma in aging lymphocytes.[R] This is a critical signalling molecule in the immune system. This is important for fighting off infections or viral diseases through the activation of macrophages, natural killer cells, and T-cells.

Epithalon and skin health

Mice exposed to Epithalon show an increase in fibroblast activation of 30-45%. [R] By activating fibroblasts, epithalon can help to boosts rates of healing and offset the natural decline in skin structure and integrity of that occurs with aging.

Epithalon’s Potential effects on Tumor Growth

Daily administration of Epithalon to rats with cancer has shown has been found to decrease tumor growth. [R]

Where to Buy Epithalon

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Epithalon Peptide

  • CAS Number is stated as 307297-40-1
  • Molar Mass is 390,35 g·mol−1
  • It has a Chemical Formula as C14H22N4O9
  • IUPAC Name:(4S)-4-[[(2S)-2-aminopropanoyl]amino]-5-[[(2S)-3-carboxy-1-(carboxymethylamino)-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-5-oxopentanoic acid
  • Also known by Synonyms as Epithalone

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