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  • CAS Number is stated as 307297-40-1
  • Molar Mass is 390,35 g·mol−1
  • It has a Chemical Formula as C14H22N4O9
  • IUPAC Name:(4S)-4-[[(2S)-2-aminopropanoyl]amino]-5-[[(2S)-3-carboxy-1-(carboxymethylamino)-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-5-oxopentanoic acid
  • Also known by Synonyms as Epithalone

The Epithalon for sale from Behemoth Labz is intended for laboratory research use only, and is not for human consumption.

Among the many research peptides that could promote quality health, epithalon is known to address aging by improving the longevity of human cells.

Like epithalamin, a polypeptide extract of the human pineal gland, epithalon extends the lifespan of mice and fruit flies while also restoring the circadian rhythms of melatonin and cortisol production in elderly rhesus monkeys.

Simultaneously, epitalon improves the functional integrity of the eye retina in Campbell rats with retinitis pigmentosa.

Researchers are still conducting clinical trials to determine how epithalon can help the human body address the aging process and provide other medical benefits.


What is The Epithalon Peptide?

Epithalon (also known as epitalon, epithalone, or epithalamin) is a synthetic version of the polypeptide epithalamin, a natural peptide manufactured by the pineal gland.

Epithalon is a complex of four peptides consisting of four amino acids. During telomerase activity, the peptides’ known function is to regulate the cell cycle. Telomerase, also known as telomere terminal transferase, is an enzyme that elongates chromosomes by combining protein and RNA subunits.

The primary function of the peptide epitalon is to increase the natural production of telomerase. This natural enzyme aids a cell in replicating telomeres, which are the protective parts of our DNA. This allows our DNA to replicate, allowing the body to grow new cells and rejuvenate old ones.

Until today, epithalon is considered one of the research chemicals unsafe for human ingestion. It must not be presented as a cure among known age-related disorders such as cancer, heart disease, and dementia.

Any epitalon treatment given today is done for clinical studies only, typically among mice, as ordered by the FDA. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to prescribe epithalon as a safe treatment.


How Does Epithalon Work?

Epitalon is an artificial peptide analog of epithalamin, a natural peptide found in a mammalian pineal gland with anti-aging properties. Previous research has shown that epithalamin can decrease animal mortality rates, reduce free radical levels, and alter catalase activity to prevent tissue damage. [R]

Epithalamin has been shown to extend the life expectancy in fruit flies by 52%, normal rats by 52%, and mice predisposed to certain types of cancer growth and cardiovascular disease by 27%. [R]

Epitalon, also known as the “Fountain of Youth” since it is supposed to address aging, is a tetra-peptide comprised of four amino acids. These are the amino acids alanine, glutamic acid, glycine, and aspartic acid.

During telomerase activity, the peptide regulates the cell cycle. Telomerase, also known as telomere terminal transferase, is an enzyme that elongates chromosomes by combining protein and RNA subunits.

Telomeres shorten as humans age, resulting in chromosome shortening and decreased cell division and growth. Epitalon can reverse the aging process by lengthening telomeres via telomerase.


Potential Benefits of Epithalon

Like the research chemicals we know today, the peptide Epitalon is a promising research chemical since it may be used to slow the aging process and treat age-related diseases.

Here are some research studies conducted to determine how epitalon may help the whole body as a medical service.


Anti-Aging Effects and Telomerase

Research shows that the epitalon peptide can prolong life expectancy among insects and animals, delaying their aging process. At the very least, epitalon achieves such profound effects through its ability to eliminate free radicals in the body.

Particular research suggests that epitalon treatment activates an enzyme called telomerase which protects the telomere (end of human chromosomes critical to guaranteeing DNA well-being). [R]

When the epitalon activates the telomerase, the immediate result is a decrease in how many errors a DNA strand has, thus proving that the epitalon protects the DNA. [R]


Epithalon and Skin Health

Epitalon could also positively affect certain genes, such as that which regulates MMP2. Studies done in rats point to epitalon-activating fibroblasts, the cells that produce and maintain components of the extracellular matrix like collagen and elastin. Collagen collaborates with elastin to promote skin health by giving it a supple, youthful appearance.

Mice that were allowed to be exposed to epitalon demonstrated an increase in fibroblast activation of 30 – 45%.


Epithalon and Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a hormone that may function to improve quality sleep patterns and aging produced by the pineal gland.

Specific research among mice demonstrates that epitalon peptide and other research chemicals influence the synthesis and release of melatonin by stimulating the expression of two known proteins. [R]


Anti-Tumor Effects

Another potential of epitalon has something to do with cancer. Rats that receive a daily dose of epitalon have been found to experience decreased tumor growth. [R]

Researchers provide evidence that epitalon activates a specific gene for protein PER1, which is intended to regulate circadian rhythm but is lacking among patients with certain cancers. This fact does imply that epithalon can be a treatment for cancer if given more time.


Epithalon and DNA Activation

As one of the leading research chemicals slowing the aging process, epithalon directly interacts with the DNA, as suggested by this research. [R] Below are the known DNA interactions of the epitalon peptide:

  1. pCREB t – Circadian rhythm regulation
  2. Tram 1 – Encourages the production of proteins
  3. Telomerase – The activity of telomerase leads to an increase in cells’ longevity
  4. CD5 – Responsible for immune cell differentiation

It’s not surprising that epithalon benefits the immune system. Clinical trials in mice suggest that the polypeptide hormone increases interferon-gamma expression in aging lymphocytes. Interferon-gamma is a signaling molecule that is present in the immune system. It protects against viral infections by activating macrophages, natural killer cells, and T cells.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who discovered epithalon?

Professor Vladimir Khavinson discovered the epithalon. He is a Russian scientist, vice president of the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Science, main gerontologist of the Health Committee of the Government of Saint Petersburg, and director of the Saint Petersburg Institute. He spent 35 years conducting epitalon-related research in animal (commonly among mice) clinical trials.


Is epitalon a peptide?

Yes, epithalon is one of the peptides being studied for safe human consumption. Epitalon, like other peptides such as BCP 157 and Ipamorelin, mimics an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body.


What are Peptides?

Peptides are smaller-sized protein fragments. Peptides are found in many health and beauty products for various reasons, including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-building properties. Epithalon is one of the many peptides used for research today, which is believed to slow down the anti-aging process among body cells.


What is the Pineal Gland?

The pineal gland, also known as the pineal body, is a tiny gland in your brain. It is an endocrine gland that secretes the hormone melatonin. The primary function of your pineal gland is to help control the circadian cycle of sleep and wakefulness by secreting melatonin.


Is epitalon safe for human consumption?

No. Epithalon is still undergoing extensive research, which means it still needs an in-depth review to determine how it affects the whole body. of its subjects


Where can you buy epitalon peptide?

Behemoth Labz is one of the best places to buy epitalon online. When you buy epithalon for sale from Behemoth Labz, you get fast shipping, low prices, and the highest-quality research chemicals available on the market today.


BehemothLabz Disclaimer

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