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GHRP-6 is a synthetic growth hormone (GH) secretagogue. A small-scale clinical trial reported that patients with primary hypothyroidism had a significantly higher GH release after GHRP-6 injection than when they were administered GH-releasing hormone (GHRH).

Preclinical studies have shown that GHRP-6 elicits a dose-dependent release of GH in vivo and in vitro. This synthetic peptide has also been reported to attenuate cardiac dysfunction. When administered alongside insulin, GHRP-6 promoted weight gain and body fat.

Behemoth Labz sells GHRP-6 for laboratory and research use only.


What is GHRP-6?

Growth hormone-releasing peptide-6 is a synthetic hexapeptide (six amino acids) that stimulates growth hormone secretion. Several clinical and preclinical studies have established that GHRP-6 elicits a significant increase in the body’s endogenous GH secretion.

GHRP-6 is a ghrelin receptor agonist, meaning it mimics the actions of ghrelin in the body. Ghrelin, aka “hunger hormone”, regulates appetite in the body. Its other functions include stimulating GH secretion from the anterior pituitary and protecting cardiovascular health. [R]

GHRP-6 remains the first synthetic peptide to elicit GH release in vivo and in vitro. Other man-made peptides that are now being investigated for their effects on GH release, such as Hexarelin and GHRP-2, were only synthesized after GHRP-6 had proven its efficacy. [R]

Multiple studies have been conducted on GHRP-6 since it was first synthesized. They have shown that this GH secretagogue has a relatively long half-life of 1.4 to 2.6 hours. Behemoth Labz sells GHRP-6 for clinical science use and not for human consumption. [R]


How does GHRP-6 Work?

GHRP-6 stimulates GH secretion by acting on somatotrophs, cells in the anterior pituitary gland that release growth hormone. This action appears to be mediated by three distinct mechanisms, which are:

  • Activation of phospholipase C [R]
  • Breakdown of phosphoinositide [R]
  • Increased Ca2+ inflow through calcium channels [R]

While it is known for increasing GH secretion, recent research indicates that GHRP-6 may also stimulate the secretion of adrenocorticotropic (ACTH) and prolactin hormones. Both these hormones are produced by your pituitary gland but perform different functions. [R]


GHRP-6 Research

What follows is a summary of the existing research on GHRP-6. The information presented in this section is for educational purposes only. It doesn’t constitute medical advice. Behemoth Labz sells GHRP-6 for laboratory and scientific research purposes only.


1) GHRP-6 and Sleep

Sleep occurs in four stages: light sleep (N1), deeper sleep (N2), deepest non-REM sleep (N3), and REM. Stage two sleep (N2) makes up 45% of total sleep time. [R]

In a clinical trial involving healthy males, GHRP-6 treatment improved the quality of stage 2 sleep. The patients given this research chemical spent more time in N2 than those administered a placebo. They also exhibited an insignificant trend of decreased wakefulness. [R]


2) GHRP-6 and Heart Health

In a mice model of acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), GHRP-6 treatment boosted heart health by decreasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) and preserving antioxidant defense systems. [R]

GHRP-6 also prevented ischemic-induced death in dogs with chronic dilated myopathy. Though conducted on animals, this study might hold huge significance for humans. That is because chronic dilated myopathy (a type of heart muscle disease) is the most common cardiovascular disease. [R]


3) GHRP-6 and Neuroprotection

The combined administration of recombinant human epidermal growth factor (EGF) and GHRP-6 improved survival and neurological outcome in an animal model of brain stroke. [R]

Another study investigated the effects of GH and GHRP-6 on the brain’s insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) system. Final results reported that GH and GHRP-6 activated an intracellular signaling pathway that plays a neuroprotective role in the central nervous system. [R]


4) GHRP-6 and Stress Ulcers

Stress ulcers affect the upper gastrointestinal tract (stomach, esophagus, duodenum). They develop after trauma, shock, and sepsis and can worsen if not treated.

According to a preclinical study, GHRP-6 exerts a protective effect on gastric ulcers. Drawing on this effect, the researchers hypothesized that GHRP-6 suggests a possible therapeutic clinical application in treating stress-related gastric injury. [R]


5) GHRP-6 and Obesity

In a mouse model of postmenopausal obesity, GHRP-6 decreased body weight, blood glucose levels, and insulin and leptin levels. All these effects pointed to its anti-obesity effects. [R]

It was noted that GHRP-6 induced the above effects by decreasing the mice’s food intake. That was especially true for animals who were on standard or high-fat diets. All in all, ghrelin agonists may help individuals with high body fat or obesity.


6) GHRP-6 and Wound Healing

An animal study reported that GHRP-6 expedited the closure of excisional full-thickness wounds. It also attenuated wound inflammation as well as improved wound esthetic. [R]

This experiment indicated three possible pathways through which GHRP-6 expedites wound healing. These include the attenuation of immunoinflammatory mediators, their effector cells, and the reduction of the expression of fibrotic cytokines. [R]


GHRP-6 Side Effects

A phase 1 clinical trial reported that GHRP-6 was safe and tolerable under the conditions studied. The study involved 18 healthy men aged between 18 and 35. It was noted that GHRP-6’s administration didn’t generate harmful oxidative stress. [R]


Frequently Asked Questions

What are growth hormone-releasing peptides?

Growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs) are synthetic peptides that stimulate natural growth hormone release from the pituitary gland. Research conducted on peptide sciences shows that GHRPs act on somatotrophs to increase GH secretion.


Is any GHRP FDA approved?

The FDA is yet to approve any growth hormone-releasing peptide.


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