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Behemoth Labz S-23 capsules were created by altering the chemical structure of a compound named C-6. However, S-23 is actually an improved version of C-6, showing higher bioavailability and a higher binding affinity.

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S23 is a full agonist of the androgen receptor and is the only SARM, along with LGD-4033 to have that this ability. According to the available studies, rats exposed to S-23 all showed signs of infertility. These effects are dose-dependent and temporary, meaning the rats regained fertility once the treatment was stopped. This shows potential of S23 as an oral male contraceptive. According to the research, S23 subdues serum concentration of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone to produce biphasic effects on spermatogenesis.

The above-mentioned study produced other beneficial desirable effects. It found S-23 to posses an ideal anabolic-androgenic ratio allowing it to produce a good number of positive effects without any severe complications. One of those effects was increasing bone mineral density and lean muscle mass. Studies therefore conclude that while S23 may be effective as a male birth control pill, it can also be used for other purposes, especially among patients with chronic conditions that lead to muscle wasting.


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60ct / 20mg per capsule / 1200mg


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  1. Wesley James

    Amazing stuff. Gives real results.

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    Thank you. Product received fast and intact.

  3. Dave Green

    Very impressed with the product and the shipping, thank you!

  4. Greyson

    My rat has been using S-23 for 6 weeks and lost many Lbs, AND gained some muscle. I HIGHLY suggest S-23 for cutting off that fat!

  5. Anonymous

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  7. Jimmy

  8. Josh K Darko

    Your customer service and shipping teams are very good!

  9. LKohler

  10. Raymond Taylor

    This is my first sarm and my experience has been amazing!

  11. Stephen

  12. Dirk

    My workouts went to the next level.

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