Jungle Junkie



Something for all the Jungle Junkies…

This limited-edition Jungle Junkie combo consists of Ostarine–MK2866 + Andarine S4 capsules.

Ostarine and Andarine are both research chemicals originally developed as potential treatment aids for muscle wasting syndromes by improving strength and promoting muscle growth on a selective basis.

How about the latest research?

Ostarine was recently the subject of a study examining its effects on muscle wasting and physical function in patients with cancer. The patients experienced significant increases in total lean body mass compared to baseline levels.This shows the massive potential research implications of the anabolic effects Osarine can possess.

Similar to Ostarine, recent studies conducted on the effects of S-4 Andarine on ovariectomized rats found that the compound had the potential ability to significantly decreased body fat in these animals, while increasing bone strength.

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